Sparring Night!

Hello all, here is your weekly update.

Kids/Teens-Tonight is sparring, as usual we will divide by age and rank for some open sparring. We have a number of new students who have not had the opportunity to spar yet, and so we will begin the class with a brief review of our rules.

Adults-We will do a brief review of the basics and then move into grappling basics with positioning

Bits and Bobs-For the new parents, sparring in the GMAU is a bit different than commercial schools. Most commercial schools engage what is called “point sparring.” This is rather like a game of tig wherein one person attempts to be the first to touch their opponent. This is taught, normally, because there are point fighting tournaments in which students compete for trophies that bring notoriety to their school. However, this is not a goal of the GMAU. Training to be a point fighter is all well and good, if competition is the goal, however, point fighting teaches some bad habits that can carry over into self defence and full contact matches. Our students engage in the “all powers” system of sparring. We employ take downs and ground work in addition to striking to better equip the students for transition into the adult program and to ready them for more realistic self defence situations. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me!

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