New Term coming soon!

Hello all! We are just 2 weeks out from the start of our new term on Thursday September 6th. The KoSempai, KoHai, and myself have been working all summer and are looking forward to seeing you back in class! We will follow the same format as in previous years with a rotating schedule; basics-kata-self-defence-sparring. We will also have 3 sections; beginners, intermediate, and teens. Hopefully soon we can add an advanced section! Our first week back will be a review to catch you all back up and see who has been practising! This will of course be the opportune time to invite friends along. I know there are some new students in some of your classes, I am sure many of them would love the chance to study karate with their new friends! Remember, if you would like to brush up, there are instructional videos on the resource tab. Simply send me an email and I will give you the rank appropriate password. Have a great 2 weeks and I will see you all soon!


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