New Term Next Week!

Hello all! I am happy to finally announce that our classes will resume next Thursday! I realise that the timing may be a bit difficult for some as Preston Street has their “meet the teacher night.” However, as always parents and carers, you can drop off your child and return to pick them up afterwards. This may mean that the adult class will be a little thin, but no worries we will still have a good time! Here is the schedule:

Adults-First introductory session on self defence, covering situational awareness and mental, physical, and spiritual responses to attacks.

Kids-Review and re-cap. We will run through the basics and maybe some short forms to clear out the cobwebs.

Teens-Also review and re-cap. And, this year we will be adding a kickboxing curriculum to your weekly sessions, so come ready to sweat!

Bits and Bobs-Some students missed the last rank promotion due to the summer holiday; therefore we will be having another exam for those who are ready in the beginning of October. That should give everyone time to get back in the routine and be ready to go. And finally, remember that class is open to new students at any point during the year but this is an especially opportune time to invite friends! See you in a week!


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