Hello all! Here is your weekly update.

Kids beginner-Class this week will be led by KoSempai Adrian and KoHai Alan. You will be working on short forms. Remember to bring your log books to get requirements signed off.

Kids intermediate-This week I will be leading the intermediate class. We will be working on short forms, however, I will also have all those who missed the promotion test last term due to holiday travel attend for assessment. I will go over your material and set a date for a make up test based on your performance, so bring your log books and come prepared!

Adults/Teens-As I will be leading the kids intermediate class in preparation for their make up exam, KoSempai John-William will be combining the adult and teen class this week. So adults, you get a bit of a break from the self-defence curriculum and get to enjoy a kickboxing lesson! This week will be footwork, angles, and ring management. So have fun!

Bits and Bobs-Now that we have some more orange belts, we can also have some more kids working towards their Jr. Leader certification! If your child is interested in pursuing this separate curriculum, please see a member of the teaching staff and we will get you a Jr. Leader progress log book. Have a great week and I will see you all Thursday!



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