Sparring and Exams

Hello all! Here is your weekly update.

Kids beginner-This week we will practice break falls, rolls and proper throw positions in preparation for our first live sparring class of the term next week. KoSempai HoYan will be leading this group with KoHai Alan assisting.

Kids intermediate-KoSempai Adrian will be teaching the two throws seio nage and tai otoshi.

Teens-KoSemapai John-William will be teaching combinations.

Adults-This week there will be no adult class due to the make up exam.

Bits and Bobs-The make up exam will be this Thursday. If you are one of the three taking this exam, please bring your logbook to class. Also, make sure you have your memory verses memorised! If you are the parent or carer of a child taking the promotion test, you are of course, and as always, invited to watch and cheer on those who are testing. After warm ups we will adjourn to the Newington room upstairs for the exam, and then rejoin the others for the evening devotional.

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