Basics and Throws

Hello all, here is your weekly update!

Kids Beginner-Basics and academics. This week KoSempai Adrian will be leading the beginner kids through basics and test materials. You will have a chance to go over memory verses and the beginner exam questions while practising stances, blocks, strikes, and kicks.

Kids Intermediate-This week we will be working on your two throws, Tai Otoshi and Seoi Nage with me. And I am happy to announce that we will be using our new crash mat that was generously donated by some GMAU parents!

Teens-This week KoSempai John William will be taking you through leg kicks in your combo routines to close distance.

Adults-As we are a teacher and an assistant short this week, you will be learning some throws as well! We will modify the particular throws to make them more accessible to your self defence program.

Bits and Bobs-As we follow the school schedule, we will be on break next week. I will write a reminder note on the blog next week as well.

Have a great week and I will see you Thursday!


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