06/06/19 Class

Hi team!

So tomorrows class, we’ll be working on our throws so come physically and mentally prepared! It’s to throw and to be thrown.

White and Yellow Belts – Working on Tai Otoshi
Orange and Blue Belts – Work on Tai Otoshi and Seo Nagi

Reminder – It’s not long until the end of the school term and we are planning an advancement exam before this. So remember to get those log books signed, memorize those bible verses and we’ll see you all tomorrow.

KoSempai Adrian

No Class This Week

Hi all.

Just a reminder that they will be NO class on this week (23/5/19) due to the church being used for the EU elections.

Class will resume next Thursday! Remember to bring your log books and we’ll see who’s ready to rank up!

KoSempai Adrian

Kickboxing Class (9th May)

Hi all!

This week, we’ll be going through our punches, kicks and our combos on the kick pads.

Remember to go through your log books! We’re looking for people who have all their requirements checked and are ready to advance to the next belt so if you can, feel free to come a little earlier than usual to have the KoSempais look over your log books!

Of course, if you succeed in advancing, you will also learn new stuff!

We’ll see you all on Thursday then!

KoSempai Adrian


Hi all!

Remember, there’s no class this Thursday 18th as we are still in the middle of a school break.

Classes will resume the following week on the 25th April and so I encourage all of you to take a look at your log books! Look at what requirements you still need signed off, what things you need to practice on and we can look at who is ready to progress to the next rank!

That’s all from me and I’ll see you next week!

KoSempai Adrian