Throws and Welcome Back (14th March 2019)

Hi all!
Hope you enjoyed a short break from class and ready to get back into it!

For class, we’ll be looking at throws as it’s been a while so look forward to it.

Kids Yellow belt and below – KoSempai HoYan and KoHai Alan will take you through a reminder of break falling and to perform Tai Otoshi safely.

Kids Orange and above – KoSempai Adrian will be looking at Tai Otoshi as well as Seo Nagi.

Updates – They’ll be a slight change to our classes over the next few months but more will be unveiled during class.

See you all tomorrow!

KoSempai Adrian

Welcome Back! (10th January 2019)

Hello all! I hope you all had a fun and restful break and are ready to get back to work!

Kids Beginner-Short forms and memory verses with KoSempai HoYan and KoHai Alan.

Kids Intermediate-Short forms, memory verses, and academics with KoSempai Adrian.

Teens-Forms review and combo drills with Sensei

Adult class- There will be no adult class this term

Bits and Bobs-This is an exciting term with some new developments. KoHai Alan will be nearing his next examination for blue belt, and the KoSempai will be working towards their next advancement test for the year in preparation for their Black Belt test in late summer. Also we are prayerfully supporting KoSempai John William as he moves to Aberdeen to plant a new church and, in time, a second GMAU academy!